Old To New Fire Retardant Woodwork Co., Ltd.(Head office: managing and operating subsidiary companies)
Old To New company is committed to the pursuit of fire proof and environmental protection. At the same time, the company cooperates with many universities and learns from the Fire Research Institute to jointly develop and explore fire proof and environmental protection technologies. After years of research and development, the company's key technology is applied to wood and fire doors, furniture, etc. The company has 20 years of decoration (fire proof & environmental protection) matching experience.

Company has been focused on the development and production of fireproof wood, and has the key technology of fireproofing.


Important problems about zhongshan fire door
2018-08-16 Zhongshan fire door manufacturer to tell you: what is the fire door? Fire door is to control the door opened and shut, in order to reduce the loss caused by the fire.

In case a fire occurs in a mall, zhongshan fire door ....
2018-08-16 Non-toxic security fire door development up to now, the classification of it more and more sophisticated, according to the fire door material developed